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Aroma-Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Therapeutic massage @ Revive AromatherapyJen Hawkins offers the following Aroma-Therapeutic Treatments:

All initial treatments require a full consultation.  All subsequent treatments have some consultation time built in to the appointment as part of the treatment.

To enjoy the optimum benefit from our treatments we recommend that you book a treatment every three to four weeks.

Revive Aromatherapy - Statement of Care...

The following apply to all treatments and services provided:


We include comprehensive initial consultations with all our appointments. We believe that this gives us a good overview of your needs and allows us to make a fully informed assessment. Initial consultations can take between 45 minutes to an hour but can last longer if necessary. All follow up appointments include consultation time so we can assess progress and make any necessary changes to your treatment. Regular consultations before treatment usually last between 5-10 minutes with a post treatment follow up chat of about 5 minutes.


Massage is integral to treatments at Revive. We believe that massage is part of the holistic process and see it as a form of Holistic Bodywork rather than just a bit of a rub! A combination of massage styles is used to optimise the effects and benefits whilst hopefully making the experience more enjoyable too. Elements of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine are embedded in the massage treatment, focussing on the meridians and acupressure points in order to balance and harmonise mind, body and soul.

Massage may not be suitable for everyone. If you think that this may apply to you then there are alternative options we can offer such as footbaths, compresses and a range of applications using base products such as creams, gels and ointments.

We believe that there is something we have for everyone.


Needless to say your treatment and records will be dealt with in strictest confidentiality and carried out in an ethical and professional manner.


Please note that we have a cancellation policy. Please ensure you give us 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel or re-arrange an appointment.

Cancellations without 24 hours' notice without valid reasons will be invoiced for the full appointment fee.

Our cancellation policy also applies to those appointments with gift vouchers. Your gift voucher will be rendered null and void if you cancel without 24 hours' notice.

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