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A personalised master-class of a treatment - Mr. S  - Shrewsbury

Restore Massage @ Revive AromatherapyRestore is a personalised part body massage unique to you, that works on areas identified in the consultation. Each massage involves a range of styles and techniques, focussing not only on the muscles but also on the meridians and acupressure points, designed to allow the energy to flow freely again. We blend the oils uniquely for each treatment to meet your specific needs on the day of treatment.

How Long?

Your massage will last approximately 50-55 mins. To enjoy the full benefits of each treatment, I recommend you allow 1 ¼ hour. Your first appointment will last longer due to consultation time. I recommmend you allow up to 1¾ hour to ensure you're not rushing afterwards and can fully enjoy your treatment. 

How Much?

  • First treatment with Consultation: £83.00
  • Subsequent Treatments: £65.00

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