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Rejuvenate Massage @ Revive AromatherapyThis is our most special treatment for the times when you truly need to check out of your everyday lives and re-connect with your sacred inner-being. Allow your daily life to drift away and your problems to become a distant memory.
Your Rejuvenate treatment begins with a hand or foot soak in warm water infused with organic dead-sea salts and essential oils. Whilst you relax we blend five organic essential oils selected uniquely to meet your specific needs on the day of treatment. These oils are then used in our rejuvenating full body massage. Your massage includes a range of styles and techniques and focuses on every muscle group, including key meridians and acupressure points.

Our Sacred Well-Being Bag containing the following products to help you to continue to relax is given with each package. Well-Being Bags are ethically sourced locally, hardwearing and re-usable. They contain:

  • A beautiful soy candle, with highly aromatic fragrances, long burning time and free from toxins. They are made and sourced locally and also support fair trade principles.
  • A 100 gm soap also made locally, of the highest quality, without harmful toxins or palm oil, also supporting fair trade principles.
  • A relaxing blend of massage oil created uniquely at Revive to help you relax and unwind between treatments.

How Long?

Your massage will last approximately 1 ¾ hrs. To enjoy the full benefits of each treatment we recommend you allow 2 ½ hours

How Much?

  • First treatment with Consultation: £156.00
  • Subsequent Treatments: £138.00

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