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Thank you for your warmth and professionalism. Like I said yesterday, I felt you "had me" And that felt good - R.Smith


Rejuvenate Massage @ Revive AromatherapyRejuvenate is the most comprehensive massage option. If you have a busy lifestyle, if you give a lot to life and to others, if you need to put something back for yourself in order to continue to live a full and rewarding life, then this is the treatment option for you.
A Rejuvenate massage is a full body massage. Your massage focuses on every muscle group, including key meridians and acupressure points. A range of styles and techniques is used with a blend of oils uniquely chosen for your treatment. The aim is to release any blocked energy, relax your muscles and restore a sense of inner peace and balance

How Long?

Please allow two hours for your visit. Your massage will last approximately  an hour and half Please allow an extra half an hour for your first visit.

How Much?

  • First treatment with Consultation: £125.00
  • Subsequent Treatments: £100.00

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