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Mum-To-Be Massage

I came in feeling like the tin woman, now I feel much lighter and looser. You can't put a price on that. Incredible. Ms.D - Shrewsbury.

Mum to Be Massage @ Revive AromatherapyWhy?

I believe that pregnancy is a truly special time in a woman's life. A time of nurturing, love and support for the mum-to-be and the baby.
After working with a client pregnant with her first child through her different stages of pregnancy I was inspired to develop my pregnancy massage skills further. I undertook advanced, specialist training in 2013 to allow me to support mums-to-be from conception through to labour.


My treatments include a comprehensive initial consultation which ensures I'm able  to understand your needs and requirements, enabling me to tailor the treatment to meet your needs.

I use organic essential oils in my treatments and will blend a unique combination of oils depending on your needs on the day. Essential oils are pure plant essences that have their own unique qualities and uses and can be beneficial in relieving many symptoms associated with pregnancy.


It's not always possible, or practical for you to lie on your stomach during pregnancy, the massage is adapted so you and your baby are as comfortable as possible, lying on your side supported by pillows and bolsters. Working in this position it's possible to massage all major muscle groups and relieve any stiff, tense or aching muscles, helping you and the baby to relax.


Massage during pregnancy is beneficial to the mother and to the baby. It stimulates and drains the lymphatic system eliminating toxins and reduces fluid retention. It can help the flow of energy through the body and minimise fatigue. Massage improves the circulation and can reduce the severity of varicose veins, thread veins and piles. The use of essential oils and vegetable oils can help to maintain skin suppleness and can help to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

Aromatherapy massage can also provide emotional benefits, It's time out for you to switch off, to have a chance to discuss your pregnancy and to have emotional as well as physical support. When our muscles and bodies relax our mind does too, we are more likely to sleep better and this in turn helps our body to be strong and cope with the demands of pregnancy with more energy and vitality.

A healthy, happy, pregnancy increases the likelihood of a healthy, natural childbirth. Massage can be a nurturing way of looking after yourself and your baby during pregnancy and maintaining some stability and continuity in a life-changing and defining process.

How long?

Please allow an hour and a quarter for your visit. Please allow an extra half an hour for your first visit.

How Much?

  • First treatment with consultation  £83.00
  • Subsequent treatments £65.00

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