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spa-products @ Revive AromatherapyAn Aromatherapy treatment involves a full consultation, then a massage; tailored to your specific needs, using a unique combination of essential oils blended specifically for you.

Massage acts on our nervous system to calm and relax us whilst also aiding digestion and providing a general sense of well-being and happiness. During massage the circulatory system is improved. This increases blood flow to the muscles and speeds up the release and excretion of toxins. Massage has a direct effect on our muscles, easing and relieving stiffness and knots, helping us to feel relaxed and less tense.

Essential oils work on many levels by entering the blood stream via the skin and through inhalation to act on our nervous system. The powerful combination of the oils and massage allows us to relax and let go, facing the world afterwards with renewed, refreshed and revitalised sense of wellbeing and peace of mind.

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